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Choorakkody ayurveda and kalari marma chikithsalayam is a well-known ayurvedic center providing scientific and ethical ayurvedic treatments for past 30 years. Founder mangat kunchimoosa gurukkal is an erudite physician in ayurvedic and kalari method of curing. We provide treatments strictly in accordance to the ancient traditions of ayurveda.

Our qualified service minded doctors and nursing staffs are devoted for the service and treatments. The hospital has all kinds of facilities for treatments and rejuvenation. In addition one experienced doctor will be available around the clock in the hospital for the total care of the patients.

Choorakkody Ayurveda Kalari Marma Chikithsalayam


Swastasya swasthya rakshanam Athurasya vikara prashamanam

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Choorakkody Ayurveda Kalari Marma Chikithsalayam


This Kalari is one of the training centers approved by Kalari Academy of Govt. of Kerala.

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Choorakkody Ayurveda Kalari Marma Chikithsalayam


We CAMC is dedicated to teaching authentic ayurvedic programs in kerala,India.

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The concept of Ayurveda

Choorakkody Ayurveda Kalari Marma Chikithsalayam According to Ayurveda everything in this Universe including human body is made up of five basic eternal elements or Panchamahabhutas. They are- Air, Ether(clear sky or space), Fire, Water, Earth. In human body these combine together to form three subtle energies or forces that control and govern all the biological, physiological, and physio-pathological functions of the body, mind and consciousness. They act as basic constituents and protective barriers for the body in its normal physiological conditions. They are called as “Doshas”—VATA, PITTA, KAPHA. Also there is a re-categorization of the morphological structures of the body in to seven basic called “Dhatu”. They are - Rasa(chyle), Rakta( blood), Mamsa( flesh), Meda( fat), Asti(( bone), Majja( marrow), Shukra(semen). The eliminative processes from the body takes place in the form of three waste products or Malas which are Urine, Faeces, and Sweat. The representation of solar energy in a living being which is responsible for metabolic activities is called Agni. Ayurveda explains that the harmony and balance of the Doshas, Dhatus, Mala, and Agni in the body is the primary condition of prime health.

The main aim is in establishing prime health in every living being, physically, mentally and spiritually. This is achieved by establishing an energetic equilibrium of the functions of the Doshas, Dhatus, Mala, Agni, and is maintained through the life in conformity with the laws of nature.

The health therefore according to Ayurveda can be defined as a state of sustained equilibrium of the functions of Doshas, Dhatus, Mala and Agni accompanied by a sensation of well being or tranquillity of the body and sense organs, mind and soul. Such a person is regarded as healthy.


Ayurveda deals with the following eight branches of medicine, based on types of treatments. The word “Asta” means eight and “Anga” means branches. These eight branches of Ayurveda based on types of treatments are as follows:-