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Swastasya swasthya rakshanam Athurasya vikara prashamanam

Ayurveda gives prime importance to maintain the health of a healthy person and to regain back the health of a diseased person. From the above stanza we can assume Ayurveda is a holly science which give prime importance to both preventive and curatieve aspect of body.

For preventive aspects of disease acharyas have given Dinacharya(daily regimes) rtucharya (seasonal regimens) Rasayana etc. For the curative aspects we can divide the treatments as shamana(allivating the aggravated doshaby medicines)and shodhana(expelling out the aggravated dosha by performing panchakarma procedures ). CAMC provides you the best treatments which has been mentioned for both preventive and curative aspects.It include the authentic panchakarma treatments and all other Ayurvedic treatments.Diagnosis and treatments will be discussed among the proffosionaly qualified doctors and treamtments will be strictly under the supervision of doctors. Apart from the Ayurvedic treatments we also focus on marma healing.We had a sepparate departments which mainly focus on marma healing.we are also performing chavviti uichil(massage with foot)for the betterment of patients.All the marma treatments will be performed by specially trained Gurukkals who have immense expierience of more than 20 years in kalari and marma treatments under kunchimoosa gurukkal.

We are also practising cupping(hijama),liver cleaning,pressure massage etc for the betterment of patients.

All the treatments will be performed under strict observation of physician and also in calm and quiet ambience